10 Ways to Stay Active at Any Age

Ask anyone over the age of 80 the secret to aging gracefully, and most will say “Just keep going!” With a healthy mindset and a willingness to stay engaged, everyone can experience the full joys of life. Here are 10 creative ways to stay healthy, happy, and strong at any age:

  1. Move: Even when the knees are feeling sore, or joints are painful from arthritis, there are plenty of ways to stay active. Find alternatives to your favorite activities. Walk instead of run or switch to chair yoga instead of mat yoga. Focus on any movement or activity that does not cause pain, and be willing to explore new things.
  2. Play: There are ways to play sports even as you age. Try something new and less straining on the body, like disc golf. If bowling has become too difficult, play bocce ball instead. Downsize from tennis to ping pong.
  3. Laugh: Not only is laughter an instant mood booster, it is also great for the immune system. To keep a healthy, active sense of humor, enjoy funny videos on YouTube, play games with fun friends, or even try a laughing yoga class.
  4. Care: About others, about life, about the world. Recycle, volunteer, donate. Focus on immediate surroundings, and try to make the world a better place.
  5. Dream: Create a bucket list: A Mediterranean cruise. A beach house in Florida. Learn to play Mozart. Make a vision board and strive for a bright and adventurous future.
  6. Try new things: Be adventurous, travel to new destinations, try new restaurants, experiment with a new recipe. Instead of a gift for the next birthday or holiday, ask for an experience of a lifetime, like hot air ballooning in Napa Valley.
  7. Learn: Go to the library or bookstore, get a new hobby, read the newspaper, take a photography class. Develop interests to keep mental acuity sharp.
  8. Create: Write, draw, garden, decorate, sew, woodwork, cook. Browse Pinterest for inspiration or YouTube for how-to videos to get started.
  9. Participate: Join a league (poker, bridge, bowling), take a group class (dance, yoga, water aerobics), join a club (gardening, books, cars, hiking). Group activities are great for socializing and developing friendships.
  10. Love: Call or visit friends or family members, send cards, write letters or emails, send little gifts to brighten someone’s day. Stay connected, life is too short.

Always keep going no matter what age or physical condition. Make the most of today and every day. It is never too late to live happily ever after!


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