5 Reasons Men Should Start Yoga

There are tons of ways that men can benefit from yoga, so man up and get down(ward), dog!
Yoga is often associated with tight leggings, colorful tank tops and fit women, but more and more men are giving yoga a try. Men don’t have to give up their gym routine, but can use yoga as a supplementary workout to improve their form in other sports and activities.

Here are 5 reasons why men should practice yoga.

1. Stress Relief
Punching a punching bag or lifting heavy weights are aggressive ways men typically expend negative energy. Alternatively, yoga is a calm, serene stress reliever, allowing men to work on breathing, meditating and being unplugged from technology.

2. Improved breathing
Yoga challenges an individual to focus on the breath – inhaling and exhaling while holding a pose that is unfamiliar to the body. Men can oxygenate their body more effectively, which in turn improves cardio activity, strength training and muscle building.

3. Muscle growth
Yoga challenges the body to move in unnatural ways, accessing muscle fibers that aren’t normally worked. Lifting one’s own body weight increases muscle tone and definition, as well as muscle size. This type of strength training is challenging, but yoga beginners can make significant strength gains.

4. Increased flexibility
Most yoga asana (pose) series include one or two spinal twists in the sequence, loosening the numerous joints in the spine. Imagine the body as a sponge soaking up all the dirty water in a kitchen sink. The twists help wring the sponge and remove toxins. Yoga promotes detoxification and good digestion. And by having flexible, well-stretched muscles, the body can heal faster when injured.

5. Weight Loss
Instead of lifting weights to trim fat around the belly, yoga is a good alternative. Poses that massage internal organs help to improve gut health and boost metabolic rate. Yoga also combats junk food and sugar cravings.

There are tons of ways that men can benefit from yoga, so man up and get down(ward), dog!

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