5 Reasons You Feel So Stressed

Feeling tense? The reason stress might be entering your life might be simpler than you realize. Read this checklist to see what common small issues might be adding undue stress your life, and learn simple changes that will significantly reduce anxiety and calm your nerves.

1. Too Much Clutter

Getting organized goes a long way in reducing anxiety. Buy a file cabinet or storage bins to rearrange messy closets, pantries or desks.

2. Not Enough Exercise

The perfect stress-busting workout is one that uses both body and mind (chair yoga). One of chair yoga’s many benefits is stress reduction and relaxation. Exercise can also help improve sleep.

3. Too Many To-Do’s

Delegate duties for both work and household chores. Make a chart with household tasks and divide the responsibilities.

4. Need More Help

Nowadays, there is a service for any and every need. Taking just a few tasks off of your plate can ease the stress of work and life. If this is out of budget, ask friends and family for help.

5. Forgetting to Meditate

Focusing in the breathe for just a moment can greatly reduce feelings of anxiety. Find a comfortable chair pose, shut the eyes and become mindful.

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