6 Aromatherapy Scents to Benefit the Workplace

Want to make every day happier, healthier and productive? Essential oils are the answer. Essential oils were first discovered 5,000 years ago and are used worldwide for their healing properties. Smelling or defusing these essential oils connects and balances the mind and body, making it easier to complete daily tasks. Take advantage of nature and experience the effects of these powerful essential oils.

• Improves health and speeds up healing
• Delays aging and fights wrinkles
• Relieves symptoms of indigestion
• Reduces respiratory issues

• Cleanses and purifies
• Prevents diabetes and high blood pressure
• Promotes weight loss
• Improves digestion

• Soothes digestive issues
• Relieves headaches and pain
• Improves mental focus
• Reduces hunger cravings

• Improves brain function
• Improves sleep
• Slows aging with powerful antioxidants
• Alleviates headaches

Cedar wood 
• Promotes emotional balance
• Promotes hair growth
• Has anti-inflammatory agents
• Tightens muscles and cleans out toxins

• Fights depression
• Boosts immune system
• Stimulates hormones
• Enhances mood

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