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4 Chair Yoga Poses to do on Your Lunch Break

A long day at the office doesn’t do the body any favors. Try out these four easy chair yoga poses on your next lunch break to give your body a quick tune-up!

Spine Twist

  1. Sit facing towards the left.
  2. Twist torso to the left. Reach over and hold onto the back of the chair for extra leverage.
  3. Emphasize the twist on each exhale, lengthening the spine on every inhale. Hold this position for around half a minute.
  4. Turn to the other side and repeat on the right.

Seated Pigeon

  1. Sit up straight with feet planted on the floor.
  2. Bring the left ankle up to a rest on top of the right thigh. Make sure to keep the ankle in line with the knee.
  3. Slowly bend forward from the hip while keeping a straight back. Hold this position for around half a minute.

Neck Opener

  1. Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor.
  2. Reach the right arm behind the back and grab the right wrist with the left hand. Gently pull the arm towards the left.
  3. Steadily rotate the neck to the left, back and up, forward and down. Repeat for around half a minute.
  4. Switch and do the same thing on the other side.

Seated Side Bend

  1. Sit up straight and place the left hand on the left edge of the seat with elbows slightly bent.
  2. Reach up with the right arm and lean towards the left. Hold this position for around a minute.
  3. Switch and repeat on the right side.

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