ICYA’s Mission

The mission of the International Chair Yoga Association (ICYA) is to change the image of yoga to include a simple chair and props in all poses, making yoga accessible and inviting to all. Looking to get in better shape? Yoga is the workout for you. It’s the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. Build strength and flexibility, prevent injuries, speed up recovery time, alleviate back pain and improve sleep – chair yoga can do it all.

In these free community classes, originally offered at a California library, anyone can participate in the benefits of yoga regardless of their level of balance and flexibility. And you don’t have to wear Spandex. This is chair yoga.

Everyone faces the challenges of aging and declining health conditions. Chair yoga can help prevent injury and repair the body – any type of body. The benefits of this 5,000-year-old system are well established. In the words of Master Yogi BKS Iyengar, “yoga is for everyone.” Props and a trained teachers can support overall emotional and physical health for people of all ages in chair yoga. Not to mention it’s fun!

Are you convinced yet? ICYA provides resources for classes, teacher training, certification, props/supplies or other opportunities to change the image of chair yoga. Want to get involved? Volunteer, become a member, subscribe or donate!